CD Storage

CD Storage Space

CD Storage Sleeves Using CD storage sleeves, allows you to reduce the required CD Storage space by up to 70% which provides significant savings. However, not all storage solutions will provide the same amount of space savings.


The most space efficient storage solution just stores the CD itself and no graphics or tray cards. However, these types of sleeves usually do not protect the playing surface of the CD and consist of a simple pocket made from transparent Polypropylene, Tyvec or Vinyl. None of these plastic materials protect the playing surface of the CD and thus will scratch the disc and inflict permanent damage. Click on Protection and Materials to learn more. DiscSox has a single disc CD Storage solution that consists of a transparent front sheet and a protective non-woven rear sheet. The transparent front sheet shows the printed surface of the CD allowing easy identification while the non-woven Polypropylene rear sheet protects the CD's playing surface.


DiscSox also has a handy tool that allows you to compare various CD Storage solutions in regards to their space requirements (click on the tab labeled "Length to Sleeves Conversion"). The tool calculates how many CD cases/sleeves fit into a given space. Using a single disc storage sleeve as mentioned above allows you to store about 112 CDs per foot.


The more components are stored in a sleeve, the more storage space will be required. Assuming you want to store all components of the original packaging, up to two CDs, a booklet and the paper wrap, you end up with abut 78 complete CDs per foot. This is still an incredible storage space saving compared to the 19 original CD cases you can store in 12 inches. The CD Pro Sleeve is the only sleeve we are aware of that holds all the CD components in a single sleeve and stores up to two discs.




CD Storage Height Comparison