CD Storage

CD Storage Ecology

Selecting an environmentally friendly CD Storage solution is the responsible choice to make. Materials like vinyl should be avoided because of potential health risks (the EPA classified vinyl as a "probable human carcinogen". Vinyl also uses toxic chemicals (e.g. chlorine) in the manufacturing process and cannot be safely burned. Vinyl based, protective sleeves incorporate other materials that makes recycling impossible.

RecycleThe material of choice is polypropylene because it can be manufactured safely and there is no known toxicity. In addition, polypropylene can be used to manufacture transparent as well as fabric type materials. These unique material properties allow manufacturing of archival quality CD storage sleeves completely made from polypropylene. Because only one material is used, these type of sleeves can be recycled directly if needed. Examples of recyclable CD Storage sleeves that are made entirely from polypropylene can be found at MMDesign.